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Welcome to Palmetto Training Services


Palmetto Training Services offers a comprehensive program to train those who wish to work in the health care industry. The program includes theoretical and hands-on course in the preparation of educating students in developing the ability to successfully perform their tasks as they begin to seek employment. By completing your training with our qualified professionals, you’ll be able to land entry-level positions in healthcare companies all over Florida or even the nation and attend higher learning education.

Program Description & Entrance Requirements

This program is designed to prepare the student to enter the work force as a home attendant or home health aide. The program content provides instruction in services that assist in maintaining maximum independence and safety in the home environment.

Entrance Requirements or Prerequisites​

The programs are open to all persons who meet the following requirements.

•Applicants must present evidence of a high school diploma, high school certification, or GED.

•Applicants who do not have a high school diploma, high school certification or GED and are 17 years of age or older must demonstrate the ability to learn from the program of instruction. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to learn from the program of instruction by passing a school administered entrance exam and obtain a minimum passing grade of a C.



Meet Our Team of Professionals 

Palmetto Training Services is committed to partnering with students in preparation for national and state certifications 

  • Students may start filling out the enrollment procedure online. Please use our form for convenience and we will contact you shortly. Call us  at:
  • (786) 429-1632 

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